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Tesco Clubcard, Sainsbury’s Nectar and Boots Advantage card changes – what’s new?

tesco clubcard rewards

Shoppers need to pay attention thanks to significant changes to supermarket loyalty cards in the past few months.

It can be tricky to keep up with all the changes, and each of the new changes start at different times. 

So we’re rounding up all of the changes for you, and how you’ll be impacted. 

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Changes to Tesco Clubcard Rewards 

Starting from 14 June 2023, you’ll no longer be able to triple up your Clubcard points for reward partners such as Pizza Express, Bella Italia and Hotels.com. 

Tesco have announced that all partner rewards will be dropped, and you’ll only be able to double up points. 

So for example, if you have £5 worth of Clubcard points, right now you could exchange it for £15 in vouchers. Soon, that same £5 will only get you £10 in vouchers. 

Until mid June, you are still able to triple up – so if there is something that you wanted to triple up your points for – now is the time to do it. 

It seems that the reward partners will not change, but the value of your points will. 

See full details of Tesco changes

Changes to prices at Sainsbury’s with Nectar Prices 

Similar to the ‘Tesco Clubcard Prices’ that launched in 2020 – Sainsbury’s have now launched the same. 

This started on 11 April. When you next visit a Sainsbury’s store, or shop online, you’ll see a number of ‘Nectar Prices’ offers. 

This means, you can only get a discount on selected items in store if you have a Sainsbury’s Nectar card. 

Currently, it’s used on over 300 items and the discounts can range from 15% to 60%. While this isn’t all the offers available to customers Sainsbury’s says it is going to ramp it up with time which could crowd out the ‘normal’ offers.

So if you are a Sainsbury’s shopper (regular or infrequent), it’s going to become essential to have a Nectar card, or you could unintentionally be paying more than you would have before. 

See full details of Nectar changes

Changes to points earned with Boots Advantage Card 

From May, Boots are changing the amount of points that you can earn when you spend money in store or online, and swipe your card. 

Currently, you earn four points for every £1 that you spend at Boots, but this is decreasing to three points per £1 spent – a drop of 25%. 

There is however a piece of good news, despite the devaluation of points. When scanning or using your card online, you now get 10% off when you buy Boots own brand products. 

It’s unclear whether Boots will put the prices of own brand products to counteract the discount – but it’s still good to have that little bonus if there was something you needed. 

See full details of Boots changes


Supermarkets are drastically changing loyalty card schemes to either reduce the amount that you earn – or giving a barrier to entry to offers in store. 

Either way, it’s still worth having all the loyalty cards in your back pocket, and collecting the points as and when you shop there. 

You may be sent coupons or exclusive deals just for being signed up – one of the hidden benefits of being a member of loyalty schemes. 

Photo Credits: Sainsbury’s Press Office

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