Wednesday 17th April 2024

ONE reason you might struggle with overspending

Mouthy blogger Laura Moore looks at why being worried about not having enough money might lead you to overspend

How to stop overspending

If I asked you what your biggest fear with money is, what would you say? 

A lot of people say “my biggest fear is not having enough money.” 

Now this looks different for everyone, but it can cause you to overspend… counterproductive right? If we are scared of not having enough money in the first place, why do we keep spending it? Why don’t we just hold onto it?!

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First, what we need to understand is that the brain’s job is to keep you safe, not happy.

Back in caveman days, your brain evolved to make sure you didn’t get eaten by a lion or didn’t die from starvation… it would help predict the future using past events and experiences. 

Because the brain likes what it can predict. It HATES the unknown. 

It feels comfortable and safe in the familirity of what you know or what you have already experienced. 

THIS is why we repeat the same self-sabotaging behaviors… because it keeps us in the familiarity and safety of the known! 

If you overspend, it means you have less money to manage and hold onto. And even though it is painful, you don’t have to deal with the unknown… the unknown being having loads of money. 

Your brain doesn’t have to deal with the stressful scenario of… what happens if we have loads of money? What do we do with it? And what happens if we then lose it all? 

Overspending is helping you to feel safe. 


So what is the solution? 

You have to help your brain and body feel safe in the feeling of holding onto money. 

You have to feel and know you are worthy of having money. 

You have to build the trust that having money is safe. 

You can use practical solution to solve the issues of overspending, you can automate your finances to move money into your savings, you can have apps that help you stay on top of your spending, you can set budgets or spend in cash. 

All of these things are amazing BUT you need to go deeper than that. And change your relationship with money on a subconscious level. 

Create a money mantra – pick an affirmation that helps you feel comfortable with holding onto money and reminding yourself you are capable of looking after and growing your money

Keep a vision board – visual imagery is so powerful and strong for the brain. Use visual aids like images and words (that you look at everyday) to  literally help yourself feel excited and safe and calm around having more money. 

Practice gratitude – remind yourself on a daily basis of all the amazing things you already have, you do not need to spend money to feel happy or to change your state of being. You can find that energy and joy within your first. 

Overspending is something personal to you and will show up in different ways but working on your relationship with money and yourself, will have a huge impact on growing your money!

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Laura Moore

Mouthy Blogger

Laura Ann Moore is a certified financial coach, financial wellbeing speaker,and host of the Mind Money Soul podcast, talking about finances in a fun, judgement-free way to help people feel good about money, get financially confident, and build wealth.

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