Wednesday 17th April 2024

The ultimate 2019 survival guide for students

If you haven’t thought about how to tackle 2019, now’s definitely the time to do it. Or before you know, it’ll be time for Christmas all over again!

Whether it’s January or December, being a student is an exciting, but also challenging experience. So, it’s often handy to get some guidance.

Here are our essential steps for survival. This easy to follow guide should give you a much-needed confident boost, for both this year and beyond…

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Master your money

You know you’re going to be short of money, so getting on top of it (if you haven’t done so already) is a no brainer. We’re not saying it’s simple, but it can be done!

Now, do you know how to budget? Taking into account what you spend on a weekly or monthly basis is vital. Should maths not be your thing, there are apps to help you.

Shopping takes a surprisingly big chunk out of your budget. So know what the cheapest products are and where to find them to avoid breaking the bank.

Another major cost is travel, especially on the train. A 16-25 Railcard gives you a third off those big journeys. Find out how to save on the purchase of your 16-25 railcard here.

Focus on fitness

January is also the time when people start thinking about exercise. New Year, new body. It takes a bit of work but if you don’t start now, when will you?

Here’s the thing. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a gym when you can work out down at your local park, or nearest green space. You may need your thermals but it’s free!

A big deterrent for would-be fitness fanatics is finding the time. That’s where an app like 7 Minute Workout comes in. It guides you through some super quick routines.

One thing you mustn’t do is exercise without doing any research. This can be potentially disastrous if you’re a novice. Read some advice on getting started here.

Find the right fuel

How many times have you made a New Year’s resolution to start eating properly? Don’t panic, it’s not as tough as you think. Make 2019 the year you change your diet!

This is great. The average student needs a combination of healthy ingredients, taste and above all something cheap. Fit Men Cook is an app that’s a lifesaver for all 3.

Apps can act as personal chefs in your pocket, showing you how to make a decent, nutritious meal that lasts longer than a few mouthfuls. The exact opposite of a kebab!

With the right fuel inside you, you can exercise more effectively, sleep better and most importantly think clearer. Your whole system is topped up, making it easier to study.

Make some mates

Socialising may not be high on your list of priorities when it comes to achieving your goals. But don’t forget uni is a social experience as well as an educational one!

We know what you’re thinking. Going up and talking to people is hard. Many students feel the same way you do, but someone’s got to make the first move.

Shutting yourself away in your room the whole time as you cram info into your overworked brain isn’t going to make you happy. You need a good work-life balance.

It’s also worth remembering that if you’re struggling with day-to-day things, there are people out there who are ready to listen. Find out more here.

Don’t forget discounts

Everyone understands that students don’t have a lot of money. That’s why retailers and companies offer a range of discounts to attract their custom.

Have you heard about this? The TOTUM card gives you access to discounts on everything from meals to music.

And you not only get discounts as a student, but some brands even offer freebies!  

There’s only one thing that is better than cheap and that’s free. You’re missing out by not keeping up to speed on the various giveaways out there.

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