Sunday 19th May 2024

Different ways to break up your day


A lot of employees don’t take a break during the day, other than at lunch. Some don’t even take that! Happy workers produce better work – that’s obvious, right? If you’re heart isn’t in it, you’re annoyed by the office walls, or your boss is doing your head in, you’re probably not too bothered about the work you’re doing. Jobs get done, the business makes money, everybody wins.

Whilst we do live in a fast-paced, action-packed world where there just aren’t enough hours in the working day to get things done, taking time for breaks is important. Some businesses will see it as time wasted, but it’s proven that small breaks can help concentration, focus, and work speed. That doesn’t sound like time wasted to me.

Here are a few ideas for how to get more from your breaks:

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Walking meetings

Walking meeting are ideal. You get away from the desk, stretch your back and legs while also talking about something to do with work. Where you walk doesn’t really matter. If you have a large office, walking from end to end is great. A walk outside will give you some fresh air and a change of scenery while your meeting takes place.

Grab a coffee

Listen up bosses – coffee making facilities in the workplace are important! If drinks are not provided in the office, it’s been researched than employees leave the office for up to 20 minutes a day to get beverages. That’s over an hour and a half of potential work lost per week, just by one person! Imagine the loss if there’s an office of 20 people, or even 100! A small outlay keeps employees in the office, makes them feel appreciated, and encourages work.

Time for tea

While we’re talking about drinks, green tea is great for productivity boosting while coffee improves alertness and decreases fatigue. Small cups of water throughout the day can aid work, too. It’s been researched that you only operate at 65% of your full potential if you’re not properly hydrated.


Snacks help us through the day, but we should be avoiding biscuits and sweets. Berries, nuts, and dark chocolate all boost productivity. Buy in bulk and fill your desk drawers or, as a team, split the cost.

Nap time

Lots of Silicon Valley companies actively encourage naps, even incorporating specific quiet zones for that very reason. A six minute nap can enhance memory processing, which sounds like a good use of six minutes! Longer naps can lead to grogginess, so be sure to set an alarm.

Leave that phone alone

Leave your phone in your desk drawer when you take a break. Going from screen to screen won’t do your eyes any good, and if you’re actually having a break, you should be having a proper one. Social media and text messages will still be there when you get back!

Regular breaks improve workplace happiness and health. We can’t physically work-work-work all day long because, in the end, it would do more harm than good. Striking and sticking to a good balance will encourage work which is a great thing for every business and their bank balance.

Joseph Seager

This Thrifty Chap is a frugal Yorkshire boy, now living in Lancashire. Tweeting and blogging to help you save a bit of cash here and there. Average photographer. Aspiring superhero.

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