Saturday 20th April 2024

14 amazing things you learn about money in your twenties

  1. Your student loan wasn’t free. Once you’ve earned over a certain amount (details on differing thresholds here) you’ll start paying it back. You never see the cash either since it comes straight out of your payslip as if… as if it was never there at all. Which is nice.
  2. Your overdraft is not free either. It’s basically the equivalent of leaving the house every day via the window and breaking your fall with a safety net. At some point, that safety net’s going to break under the strain and you’ll be… a bit annoyed.
  3. Pesto is your numero uno friend. In an effort to save cash over the next ten years you’ll realise that the pesto you came to know and love at university will be with you longer than three years, pesto will be there forever. Two weeks til payday? Pesto pasta it is.
    Living room
    Your new living room.
  4. On that note, it’s always too long til payday.
  5. Renting, though preferable to living with your parents, costs you nearly three quarters of your wages. But at least with that you get a nice cupboard and, if you’re lucky, bedbugs. Bedbugs are the new social equivalent of the gap year. You will never run out of conversation down the pub if you’ve had these. Congratulations, you’ve joined the conversational elite. Which is good because you won’t be able to go home again ever.
  6. Nice jobs pay badly. You thought you were going to be an actress, didn’t you? You can, you just have to exchange 20 years of your life first and work in a coffee shop being patronised by professionals and well meaning chumps who worry about you getting a ‘real job.’
  7. Credit cards are amazing. Until they’re not.
  8. Dating is expensive. Summer is good because you can legitimately share a tinny in the park and no one will call you tight.
  9. You’ll have to take out a small mortgage to pay for your gin and tonic. Have a gin and soda instead if you must or just stick to smuggling cans of beer in your bag when you go down the pub. 
  10. Pre-party drinking is the party! There’s no need to go out and queue round the block for a bouncer to charge you £20 just to buy some drinks. The real party is at your place – in the living room (which has just been niftily converted into another bedroom by your landlord.)A cosy fire to watch when the nights get a bit too long and depressing.
  11. Not many of us can afford a real fireplace, but that’s OK, because Netflix has one you can watch LIVE on your TV. At least, it looks live.
  12. What’s that, you’ve sold your soul finally and got yourself a serious office job? Congratulations! The bad news is that your soul didn’t actually fetch that much, about £4.98 actually, so you’re still broke.
  13. You were richer at university.
  14. Heck, you were richer at school!
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