Wednesday 1st April 2020
Jenny Taft

Jenny Taft

Part time secondary physics teacher, mother of one (soon to be two), and my financial hurdles are mostly parental based.

New Year Finances

New year, new finances

As I go in to maternity leave number two, and as the New Year approaches, my savings are not as high as I predicted. I plan on making a few changes to accommodate this. If, like me, your 2016 is ending with your finances in a bit of a muddle, then the New Year will be…

Christmas Present

Buying Christmas presents on a budget

It might not quite be on our doorsteps yet, but Christmas will creep upon us before we know it – as it does every year! Although Christmas brings with it many joys – decorations, music, food, and presents – that make it a truly wonderful time of year, when trying it finance it all, Christmas…

Baby Nursery

Nursery: furnishing essentials and planning tips

When you’re expecting a child, there are undoubtedly a huge amount of things that you need to buy. Most of this stuff – sleep suits, toys, toiletries etc. – can be bought over time, and so the cost can go unnoticed. There are a few larger items, however, that could scupper your bank balance if you…


Bringing in a few extra pennies each month

I know I am not the only person who constantly wishes they had a little more money. ‘Money doesn’t make the world go round’ of course but it does make it a little easier to get through day to day! My husband and I have good jobs and I know how lucky we are, but…

Mother and Child

Note to self: don’t let second baby bankrupt me!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I genuinely didn’t pay much attention to how much it would all cost me. I was excited at the prospect of starting our family and, having been quite well off with savings at the time, I didn’t pay a thought to saving even more…



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