Friday 14th June 2024

Money Web Issue #6: your weekly round up of the best of British blogging

British Blogging

There’s an increasingly big and brilliant haul of stories and advice out there about the pounds in our pockets. Each week, we’ll scour the best of the UK’s personal finance blogs and tell you what caught our eye.


12 reasons you need to make a will and how to get a free one

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Run by Jane who loves all things creative and money-saving.

Did you know that it’s free wills month? Jane wrote a great piece a bit earlier in March which talks all about what wills are, who needs, them and how to get a reasonably priced (or free) will. This was a topic we wrote about here on Mouthy Money last month and a point that cannot be reiterated enough.

Penny Golightly

Succeeding with your money goals

Penny Golightly is a blog set up to share money-saving tips and information.

This piece gives some great common-sense advice – from writing down your money goals to breaking them down into smaller chunks (a bit like when you had to revise for exams), in order to make them more manageable and achievable.

Thrifty Mum

Protect your identity and finances by disabling Siri

In 2016, Hollie began ThriftyMum which is a growing blog and online community for savvy parents who are juggling bringing up children and managing personal finances.

This piece talks about how your apple wallet and phone calls are available on the lock screen, meaning that someone could quite easily use your identity and debit card by the time you have realised you have lost your phone and cancelled everything.

Mummy Money Matters

The new tax-free childcare system – what you need to know

Mummy Money Matters is an award winning blog founded edited by Kalpana Fitzpatrick – a freelance money journalist and broadcaster.

This super informative piece is from early March and a definite read for parents. The introduction of the new tax-free childcare system and an increase in free childcare, up from 15 to 30 hours, was announced in the Spring budget earlier this month. Here’s what you need to know about these changes.

Frugal Queen

Spring clean your family finances

Frugal Queen thrives on all things thrifty, home cooking, and fun on a budget.

There are times in life when we know we need to save money, but we just don’t know how to go about it! Frugal Queen highlights the little ways that you can save money – ways that have been staring you right in the face! So, is it time that you had a good spring clean of your family finances?

Finance Girl

Improving working capital in your self-employed business

Finance Girl is written by the lovely Julie Cheung and her adventures into saving, investing and making money. This well organised blog also contains money saving tips and finance news.

The post we’ve chosen from Finance Girl this week is a well explained, concise piece about how improving working capital in your self-employed business – yes, exactly what it says on the tin!

Phoebe Burrows

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