Wednesday 24th July 2024

Money Web Issue #2: your weekly round up of the best of British blogging

Money Blogging

There’s an increasingly big and brilliant haul of stories and advice out there about the pounds in our pockets. Each week, we’ll scour the best of the UK’s personal finance blogs and tell you what caught our eye.

Money Watch

WealthDunk: Compare Online Investment Managers

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A personal finance blog have wrote about WealthDunk in early February, a new website which compares digital wealth managers such as MoneyBox, Nutmeg and MoneyFarm. Tell the website how much you want to invest and it will then show you which platform offers the best feature, services charges etc. for your money, allowing you to find the best investing solution which suits your budget and lifestyle.


So…how on earth do you start investing in 2017?!

This blog covers everything from careers to education. This opinion piece by Iona Bain about how to start investing in 2017 goes into some depth about what options are out and how to start thinking about investing, she even describes how some people use dividend investing to pay electric bills!


The Finances Behind Leasing Explained

Dedicated to easy money saving tips. This piece is older but talks about how car leasing (Personal Contract Purchase – PCP) works, how the monthly instalments are worked out a bit about the depreciation, all the questions you had about car leasing are answered in this post, and certainly helps you understand what you will be getting into if it something you are considering.


Can ETFs deliver a dependable income for deaccumulating investors? (Part One) by The GREYBEARD

One of the Monevator’s top posts last week (Feb 16th) was on exploiting the low costs and diversification of ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to generate an income in retirement. This topic was frequently requested and, the blogger The Greybeard took the challenge. This thoroughly informative piece holds the headings: curate’s egg, Low-cost passive investing, Capital growth, yes. Income, no., Smart filtering, Train wreck, Dashed expectations, Striving for the dream.

There is a suggested sequel to this wonderful ‘part one’ post, so watch this space.

Miss Thrifty

Zero to house-buying hero: how to save a mortgage deposit

Miss Thrifty – the woman with a craving for saving – has come up with six top tips to help you save up for a mortgage. This informative post notes mindset, cutting household expenses, Getting over your FOMO, selling clutter, finding your side hustle, and maximising your savings as these six important tips. The post comes complete with six one to two minute videos giving you a more info and a lovely personal touch.

Disease Called Debt

4 Tips For Handling Finances in Your Marriage

This topic (money in marriage) that has been throw around Mouthy Money for a while now so it’s interesting to see others thoughts/tips on the matter. The four tips given here are: Talk about money early in the marriage, Draw up a prenup with a divorce lawyer in London, Keep separate bank accounts, Talk about finances and expectations honestly and realistically. DCD suggests that, if established early on in your marriage, these patterns of financial responsibility will help create strong foundations enabling you to tackle bigger issues down the line (like property and children) together as a team. Thus, paving the way for a long, happy and financially secure marriage.

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