Friday 14th June 2024

Meet the coffee spend-thrift who baulks at 69p apps. Sound like you?


I love a fancy coffee, and think nothing of spending £2-£4 on a cheeky cup of java to boost my mood.

In fact, I think I was the target demographic for Amy Rowe’s blog a few weeks ago on spending all your money on coffee. When your other half would pick a cuppa over food and happily starve to death, fancy coffee is a sure way of making sure your wages are spent every month!

There are plenty of other things I will happily chuck away my hard earned cash on. I think nothing of spending £40 on the weekly shop. We need to eat, and we may as well eat something delicious.

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Or how about £35 a week on petrol? Sure! I need to drive to work – they’d soon notice if I gave that one a miss.

£7 on a nice foundation? I know, I know, it’s not exactly Benefit prices, I know, but I could go cheaper. I don’t though, because I know that certain foundations will not suit my skin.

I have had buyer’s remorse over purchasing a game that cost less than a chocolate bar.

On a night out? Nothing beats a fancy cocktail the colour of a migraine. Shut up and take my money, Mr Bartender!

But apps…oh, the internal torment if I want to download an app that costs 69p! I have had serious financial discussions with my partner over whether or not to purchase an app that costs just slightly more than a first class stamp.

I have had buyer’s remorse over purchasing a game that cost less than a chocolate bar – a chocolate bar I would think nothing of buying and eating!

I honestly don’t know what it is about apps that makes me think twice before allowing the iTunes Store to take those 69 pennies out of my bank account. I know those app developers have to eat, that they have fancy coffees to buy. Why should they be denied my money?

I think it is psychological, because so much content in the app stores are free to use.

In time alone, these apps are worth a lot more than 69p. More than several 69ps. My own partner is trained to do a similar job, so I know more than most that these talented folks deserve to be paid, but still I’m hesitating, and will probably pick a free app that does a similar job if it’s available.

I think it is psychological, because so much content in the app stores are free to use. Yes, they have in-app purchases, but you can try it for free. You could use it for free forever if you were happy with the limited functionality.

There are so many games, photo editing programs, social media platforms, writing tools etc. that I can use without spending anything, paying out even the smallest amount seems like a major financial commitment.

But it’s not… it’s less than 70p.

Now, my big question: is it just me? Does anyone else need to think twice before they buy a paid-for app?

Does anyone else feel slightly guilty or concerned when they click that button? Or, am I actually surrounded by people who think nothing of paying for apps, and think people like me are cheapskates?

Pic credit: Smile between Sips by Mike Kniec

Rosie Earl

Uber-geek and tv addict. Keen writer and professional trainer in the financial sector. Rubbish at maths

  1. It’s not just you – I feel exactly the same! I’ve never ever paid for an app. In fact I’ve only just got a phone and contract fit for the 21st century!

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