Tuesday 21st May 2024

Money Web Issue #9: your weekly round up of the best of British blogging

British Blogging

There’s an increasingly big and brilliant haul of stories and advice out there about the pounds in our pockets. Each week, we’ll scour the best of the UK’s personal finance blogs and tell you what caught our eye.

Savvy Scot

The Online Evolution Of Buying

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The Savvy Scot is written by a twenty-something travel enthusiast writing about how to be smarter with your money.

One of Savvy Scot’s latest posts looks at what the online evolution of buying has produced and where it’s heading. An interesting piece here outlining our most common online shopping habits.

Money Nuggets

Mortgages 101: The Complete Guide to Mortgages

Money Nuggets was founded by Esther Mukoro, with the aim to empower women through financial education and that, it does (we think so, anyway!). It’s dedicated to helping women save more, spend wisely, and secure their financial future.

One of the latest posts from Money Nuggets contains all you need to know about mortgages, from where you can acquire a mortgage to what you need to know about Parents and Family Offset mortgages! Great piece, essential for first time buyers!

From Pennies To Pounds

I’m Debt Free! Now What? + The Debt Pay Off Journey

From Pennies To Pounds is a blog created by Francesca as a way to document financial tips and tricks on her journey to becoming debt free with a young family.

One of her most recent blogs details how she got into debt, what she did about it, and which tools she used to pay off her debts within a few years. This post offers a real-life example of how you can achieve being debt free even if you have a low income!

The Frugal Cottage

Dividend Income March 2017

The Frugal Cottage is an award winning personal finance blog run by Nicola, offering tips and advice on budgets and saving money.

In her most recent post, Nicola talks about her dividend income for March 2017, explaining the benefits of a stocks and shares ISA over your average savings account. She also talks about how she is making the payouts work hard for her in order to achieve her dream of an early retirement.

Phoebe Burrows

Mouthy blogger

A recent music graduate, Phoebe is writing her way through her first job.

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