Thursday 22nd June 2017
Clare Lawrence

Clare Lawrence

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Clare Lawrence, nicknamed 'Coupon Clare' at college, lives mostly in Cornwall. Proud mum to Gregory, she'll stop at nothing in her quest to save cash!


Fabulously budget travel tips: Vietnam

Your money goes a long way in Vietnam – making it a great choice for anyone wanting to experience its buzzing cities, tropical beaches, compelling history, and natural beauty without maxing out the credit card. Brits are among a handful of nationalities entitled to a free tourist visa on arrival for visits of up to…

Hair Cut

Would you have your hair cut by a trainee?

In my twenties, when I couldn’t stretch to exorbitant salon prices, I was usually very happy with free, or almost free, hair cuts done by trainee hairdressers. I say ‘usually’ because there was just the one time when I emerged from the chair distraught after a scissor-happy frenzy had ensued and I was convinced my…

Working Overseas

Considering working overseas?

Considering working overseas? How to get your finances ship-shape before you move If you’ve accepted a job offer from abroad, jumping on the next available flight to your new life might seem tempting. According to the Office for National Statistics, over 128,000 Brits migrated from the UK in the year ending September 2016, with work-related…

CV Writing Service

The CV writing service: helpful tool or CV suicide?

Ask anyone what comes to mind when you mention job hunting and the response, often accompanied by a grimace or an exasperated sigh, usually involves words like ‘depressing’ or ‘soul destroying’. You know the drill – you fill out the application form and hit ‘send’. You hear nothing back. Nothing. Just rude. By this stage,…

Not Earning

What it’s like not to earn your own money

It’s all a bit awkward really, not earning your own money. It has taken me a long time to get used to it. It still isn’t something that I am entirely comfortable with, even now that my son is ten years old. At the moment, I don’t earn a salary, as such, although I have…

Cambodia Travel

Fabulously budget travel tips: Cambodia

Visiting the Kingdom of Wonder doesn’t have to set you back a fortune. Consider tagging this fascinating country, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, into your itinerary, if you happen to be holidaying in one of its neighbouring countries (Thailand, Laos, or Vietnam). Regional carriers such as Silk Air, Bangkok Airways…

Budget Hotel

Budget hotels: does ‘no frills’ mean ‘no thrills’?

I’m currently staying in a Premier Inn, and I’m loving it. The purple neon and budget status didn’t put me off. At less than 50 GBP per night for a family room, it’s a bargain. It’s not the best view I have ever had, granted but the essentials are all here – free wifi, spotless room, obliging…


Comforting winter soups: using up your store cupboard essentials

Making your own warming soup is a great way of using up basic store cupboard ingredients and/or leftovers. It’s a simple way of packing in some extra nutrition, too. All you need is a big saucepan and a blender or food mixer, and you’re ready to go. My recipes feed three/four hungry people and are…

Free Christmas

Free Christmas magic for the little ones

When your dwindling bank balance has left you feeling more bah humbug than ho, ho, ho, and you’re threatening to commit an act of violence if you’re forced to listen to Cliff Richard over the overcrowded shop’s sound system one more time, here’s how to indulge the young children in your life with some free…

DIY Costumes

DIY costumes for kids

I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to crafty tasks but sometimes, when your children’s school gives you two days notice for a dressing-up day, needs must. So gather your scissors and sticky tape, and read on… I made a cute pumpkin costume for my son using a strong piece of cardboard, orange material…



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