Thursday 27th February 2020
Clare Lawrence

Clare Lawrence

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Clare Lawrence, nicknamed 'Coupon Clare' at college, lives mostly in Cornwall. Proud mum to Gregory, she'll stop at nothing in her quest to save cash!

Family Holiday

Staying in a hotel with the kids? Beware of extra charges…

It’s easy to find yourself in a pickle when you’re booking accommodation suitable for a family-sized group. The extra charges vary considerably for hotel bookings when you’re bringing children with you, and the maze of family room prices, extra bed supplements, cot hire and room capacity limitations can be challenging to even a well-seasoned hotel…


Budget Bangkok

Should you ever find yourself in Thailand’s dazzling, chaotic and beguiling capital city for more than the iconic ‘one night’, save some cash with these tips. You’ll have some Thai Baht to spare for delicious street food, cocktails in rooftop bars and the all-important sightseeing. Getting around Using Bangkok’s network of river taxis means less…


Still renting? It’s okay to be okay with not owning a property!

I was asked recently, for about the millionth time, why I haven’t bought a place of my own yet. I’m 42 and my husband is knocking on the door of 50, so it’s a fair – if frustratingly repetitive – question. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this seemingly iniquitous inquiry. In simple terms,…

Living overseas

What I’ve learned about money by living overseas

Sometimes, a little perspective is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to your money mindset and your spending habits. I had to go a long way to acquire my own perspective – 6000 miles, to be more precise. I spent six happy years in the Middle East, where gold-dusted cappuccinos and gold bar vending…


Worldschooling: What is it? Could you do it, too?

If travelling the world with your children and educating them on-the-go – as I have done – sounds appealing, you’re not alone. Parents in every continent have chosen to eschew mainstream education to explore new destinations, either through home schooling, online tuition, or short-term international school placements. For worldschoolers, slow travel and becoming immersed in…


How I chose my financial adviser

If, like me, your skills lie in areas other than finance wizardry, seeking advice from a pro makes sense. Independent financial advisers can help with retirement planning, savings, mortgages, managing one-off lump sums, such as an inheritance or redundancy pay out, or when things change in your life, such as having children or a divorce.…


‘For richer and for poorer’. Are you financially compatible?

Chances are, you’ve had more than one squabble over ‘who spent what’ during your time together as a couple. I’ve had some humdingers! While I can’t recommend shouting matches as a way of invoking a healthier approach to communicating about money (or the lack of it), it helped us see where we were going wrong.…


Home schooling your children doesn’t have to be expensive

I’ll admit that home schooling has cross my mind over the years, although this was usually a passing fantasy when the early morning alarm signalled another chaotic school run. Our son, age 11, has attended school continuously since he was four. However, an imminent house move means that he’d have to start at a new…


Rainy holidays? Rubbish – it’s just the Green Season!

Rainy seasons, rather unfairly, in my view, get a bad press. The phrase invokes images of storm-whipped palm trees, evacuations and TV news reporters being swept away in freak winds, live on air. The reality (often nothing more hazardous than a warm afternoon downpour) is that you’ll find fewer crowds and you’ll see a big…



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