Thursday 22nd March 2018
Clare Lawrence

Clare Lawrence

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Clare Lawrence, nicknamed 'Coupon Clare' at college, lives mostly in Cornwall. Proud mum to Gregory, she'll stop at nothing in her quest to save cash!

Home schooling your children doesn’t have to be expensive

I’ll admit that home schooling has cross my mind over the years, although this was usually a passing fantasy when the early morning alarm signalled another chaotic school run. Our son, age 11, has attended school continuously since he was four. However, an imminent house move means that he’d have to start at a new…


Rainy holidays? Rubbish – it’s just the Green Season!

Rainy seasons, rather unfairly, in my view, get a bad press. The phrase invokes images of storm-whipped palm trees, evacuations and TV news reporters being swept away in freak winds, live on air. The reality (often nothing more hazardous than a warm afternoon downpour) is that you’ll find fewer crowds and you’ll see a big…


Travelling with your pet? Here’s how to save a fortune

Planning an overseas trip with your furry friend can be a headache, but it is possible to minimise the cost with a little planning ahead. Here’s my guide to getting your pet from A to B with your sanity, and contents of your wallet, intact. Vaccinations Each destination country has its own requirements. You can…

Parcel Compensation

Parcels gone astray? Letters lost? How to claim compensation

Still reeling from a frustrating experience with a UK parcel delivery service, I’m in the process of filing a claim for compensation. My urgent parcel, required at its destination before its recipient needed to catch an international flight, was posted using a popular 48-hour service costing £12.98. Sent on the Monday via the Post Office, it had…

Holiday Scams

Too smart to fall for a holiday scam?

Holiday scams are on the rise. Action Fraud reported a 20% increase in cases of online holiday fraud in 2016, up from 2015. Booking online can be a great way to find a bargain but it does expose us to less-than-savoury characters keen to diddle you out of your hard earned cash. These convincing fraudsters…

Greetings Cards

How I save money on greetings cards

Did you know that Brits buy an average of 33 greetings cards a year? With prices ranging from £1.50 to a whopping £3.99 (using WHSmith as an example), it’s easy to see that you could be saving a lot of money by opting out. Here are some of the increasingly creative ways you can do just…


Fabulously budget travel tips: Vietnam

Your money goes a long way in Vietnam – making it a great choice for anyone wanting to experience its buzzing cities, tropical beaches, compelling history, and natural beauty without maxing out the credit card. Brits are among a handful of nationalities entitled to a free tourist visa on arrival for visits of up to…

Hair Cut

Would you have your hair cut by a trainee?

In my twenties, when I couldn’t stretch to exorbitant salon prices, I was usually very happy with free, or almost free, hair cuts done by trainee hairdressers. I say ‘usually’ because there was just the one time when I emerged from the chair distraught after a scissor-happy frenzy had ensued and I was convinced my…

Working Overseas

Considering working overseas?

Considering working overseas? How to get your finances ship-shape before you move If you’ve accepted a job offer from abroad, jumping on the next available flight to your new life might seem tempting. According to the Office for National Statistics, over 128,000 Brits migrated from the UK in the year ending September 2016, with work-related…

CV Writing Service

The CV writing service: helpful tool or CV suicide?

Ask anyone what comes to mind when you mention job hunting and the response, often accompanied by a grimace or an exasperated sigh, usually involves words like ‘depressing’ or ‘soul destroying’. You know the drill – you fill out the application form and hit ‘send’. You hear nothing back. Nothing. Just rude. By this stage,…



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