Wednesday 1st April 2020

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The ultimate guide to finding freebies

What can possibly be better than getting something for nothing? Turns out, not much! We all want stuff for free and the good news is that it’s out there – free stuff does exist! So how do you find it? In this handy guide we’ll help you to get as much free stuff as you…


Gym? No point. Ditch it and do this instead.

Being a gym rat can sometimes leave you poorer than a church mouse (albeit a very buff one). Imagine that: a ripped church mouse doing chin ups on the organ stool and benching prayer cushions. Anyway, I digress. For a lot of people reading this, university was a time of heavy drinking and careless eating.…

Man Ready

Clever commute? Why I swapped the car for my trainers

I’ve spoken before about my budget workout – a chin up bar, a kettle bell, and 40 minutes to myself at home, vs. an expensive membership of a gym full of parading muscular types in weird lycra outfits. It’s no contest.  As many people juggling family and work commitments are aware, time is precious, and your…



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