Sunday 29th March 2020

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Why loyalty counts for nothing in insurance and banking

Customer loyalty was an important part of the insurance and banking world in years gone by. But today loyalty is blatantly discouraged and anyone who shows an iota of loyalty is actually penalised. Take insurance companies. Every year a renewal is sent from your home or motor insurance company with a price for the coming…


Is getting a dog worth the financial commitment?

Yes – in short. I would never revoke my decision to bring home that bundle of joy who has now terrorised our house and laid claim to every room – if you know what I mean! April 2017, me and my partner took the plunge to extend our family (in the four legged, furry way!).…

Storm Insurance

Travel insurance: What to do when a natural disaster strikes on holiday

I was stranded in Bangkok after floods in Thailand. Here’s what I learned: Weather happens. You can’t predict an act of God. We know this, but you still don’t really think it’s going to happen to you, not on your holidays, and not after you scrimped and saved all year for your dream break on…

Car Crash

How to financially survive a car crash

I was recently in a car accident. I was literally hit by a truck. I say recently, it was in the summer of 2015, but it feels recent because I’ve only just been found as the non-fault party. I don’t want to go into too much detail (because I’m classy like that) but the basic…

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance: my search for the ideal holiday cover

It is entirely out of character for me to recommend spending more on something, rather than less. I’ve been shopping around for travel cover for my family recently and, after diligently trawling the internet, I’ve come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. There’s a tonne of small print. One policy starts…


Just what do you have to do to get your tenancy deposit back?

I’ve had the misfortune of getting contractually embroiled with many a rogue landlord in my time, but this one really took the biscuit. My family moved into a rented house in Surrey after handing over a whopper of a deposit (nearly £2000). ‘As long as the house is still standing when you give the keys…



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