Friday 3rd April 2020

Tag: pets

Is getting a dog worth the financial commitment?

Yes – in short. I would never revoke my decision to bring home that bundle of joy who has now terrorised our house and laid claim to every room – if you know what I mean! April 2017, me and my partner took the plunge to extend our family (in the four legged, furry way!).…


Travelling with your pet? Here’s how to save a fortune

Planning an overseas trip with your furry friend can be a headache, but it is possible to minimise the cost with a little planning ahead. Here’s my guide to getting your pet from A to B with your sanity, and contents of your wallet, intact. Vaccinations Each destination country has its own requirements. You can…

Cat Flea Treatment

Pet flea treatments: the hidden cost of cheap products

It’s no secret that Britain is a nation of pet lovers; we adore our furry friends, and want the best for them. We buy them treats, making sure they are fed and watered, and take them to the vet for their annual check-ups. Another ‘must’ that most pet-owners abide by is making sure those horrible…

Ragdoll Cat

Tips and helpful tidbits for getting a new cat!

Two years ago my boyfriend and I got our first cat together. I had been working him up to the idea for around three years before moving in with him, and he had caved into it; before university I had always been a cat owner, but because student accommodation is rather prohibitive when it comes…



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