Friday 28th February 2020

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Charity Christmas

It’s a #GiveOrGift kind of Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, right? A lot of work places celebrate the festivities with a classic game of Secret Santa. Such a game often results in the receiving of gifts that will probably either be re-gifted or, if they’re that rubbish, might just be binned, mentioning no names. Times this by the amount…

Fake Shoes

For fakes’ sake! Why you shouldn’t waste your money on counterfeit goods

This post is more about how not to waste your money – namely, by not buying counterfeit goods. The faked goods industry is booming. Pirated and counterfeit items represented $461 billion (2.5% of world trade) in 2013, according to the OECD (the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). I’ve seen them by the Leaning Tower of…

Train Tickets

An insider’s tips on how to buy your train tickets for less!

Let’s face it, holidays abroad can be pretty expensive. While I love chasing sunny climes and sandy beaches, there are some gorgeous places to see around the UK. And it’s easy to get there by train. I know this because I work in marketing for a train company, and part of my job is to…

Money App

Four must-have money apps for summer

Let’s face it, whatever service we’re using, these days we want it fast, easy and convenient. We’re no different when managing our money and, ‘appily’, several zippy finance apps for young people are about to launch onto the market. Let’s take a look at a few. Money Box (for saving) Due to launch in June 2016,…

Power Dressing When Skint

How to power dress for work…when you’re skint

Summer has arrived! And many soon-to-be graduates are preparing to join the workforce. But, as I discovered a couple of years ago, power dressing for work is EXPENSIVE, whereas new graduates are normally skint! I spent most of my time at uni living in leggings and a society-branded hoodie with the rest of my wardrobe consisting…


What grooms worry about before their wedding

I wanted to go as Iron Man. With my two best men as Iron Man, as well.  I thought the anonymity would introduce an exciting chance element during the ceremony. My fiancée, ‘M’, chose to veto this suggestion, fond though she is of my best mates. Not my most useful idea, but it helped me…


Top theatre trips: five unmissable shows you need to see this spring

Despite the theatreland blackout in the West End of March this year, with more empty theatres than ever before, the spring season is looking strong with lots of new openings. As a die-hard theatre goer I am often first off the mark with getting (bargain) tickets when shows are announced. The spring season is also…

Train Tickets

Buying train tickets online? Why I’d rather have good customer service

When I need a train ticket I go to the station. I’ve linked to it, because I thought you ought to see York station so you can appreciate why I might like to go there, instead of finding tickets online. I know this seems painfully old fashioned but there are several reasons for wanting to…



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