Tuesday 18th February 2020

Tag: beauty

“My week as Michelle Mone”

“I feel underdressed!” says leading life coach Carole Ann Rice as she takes in my rose-gold sequined Goddiva evening gown which hugs my figure while its fishtail hem flirts seductively with the floor. It is 11am and I am meeting Carole Ann for a coaching session, as part of my plan to become as successful…


The true cost of acne

It’s the day of my big birthday bash, so of course I’ve woken up with a crater on my face so big Neil Armstrong could’ve landed on it. In a panic, I run to Boots and buy everything in sight that professes to rid my skin of this horrible disease that is acne: cleansers, scrubs,…


Is influencer marketing immoral? Confessions of an insider

It’s a dreary Tuesday evening and I’m sat on the sofa eating a ready-meal mac ’n’ cheese, watching ‘The One with Ross’s Sandwich’ for the tenth time. I flick through Instagram and watch my favourite influencer ‘unboxing’ the three free parcels she’s been sent today. One by one, she shows off her new jade face…


Saving the planet really *doesn’t* cost the Earth

As citizens of the world, it’s fast becoming apparent that in order to preserve this blue planet, we must each make personal choices to mitigate the harm that we do to it. This doesn’t have to be expensive, and being a responsible Earthling can, in fact, save you money. Here’s a small incomprehensive list of…


Saving the planet is bankrupting me

I’m sat in my Mickey Mouse pyjamas in a grump because for the fourth night in a row, I’m dragging a reusable cotton breast pad across my face. It’s been two months since I embarked on finding an alternative to disposable cotton make-up removing pads, and I’m on my fourth ‘reusable’ product in the hope…

Clothes Shopping

Why I will probably never stop buying clothes

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my clothes (almost as much as my food)! When I first got a part time job at 14, all my income was spent in Topshop. This was then later divided between alcohol and Topshop, but for a while it was mainly Topshop. When I was in 6th…

Curly Hair

Curly hair: how much does it really need to cost?

It is an old adage that goes, as so many know, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ And so, I had been trying to tell myself this over and over again, as my horrible unruly mop of hair haunted me throughout the most difficult phases of my childhood. It was always sticking…

Wedding Preparations

Wedding guest prep: what to spend to look fabulous

Oh my goodness, weddings are so expensive! Don’t get too excited, guys! My partner hasn’t popped the question just yet, but I attended a wedding this weekend. Even as a guest, I found that I was splashing out so that I looked my best, and it all added up. As a disclaimer, I should add…

leopard print

How to dress A/W16 on a budget

All the leaves are brown… and it’s chucking down with rain. Yes, autumn has arrived. With autumn come new fashion collections – first the pre-fall, then fall, and then winter, which will be variations on the same thing, with slightly warmer textures and a more festive look the closer we get to Christmas. The good news…

Makeup Tips

How to make your makeup last longer: tips from a former Avon rep

I may not have made a fortune from selling Avon products while I was a rep, but I did learn valuable tips of the trade that I keep up my sleeve, and accumulate enough fragrant goodies to pack my bathroom from floor to ceiling. Here’s how to extend the life of your makeup, saving you cash and reducing waste.…



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