Sunday 20th October 2019

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Invest in Life

Invest in yourself; invest in life

People question investment all the time. Where is best to invest? Is it in stock? Is it in property? I think one of the best places to invest, is in yourself! For months, I found myself looking at drones. Did I want one? Yes. Could I afford one? Possibly. But did I want to invest…


Networking: make it a breeze (and not tumbleweed)

For the girl who started youth theatre because she was acutely shy, networking as an adult actress 18 years later can be the stuff of nightmares. It’s something I have tended to avoid in the past, but I made the decision a couple of months ago that this avoidance was holding me back. I will…


Budgeting: this is how we do it

We’ve always been pretty good with money. This is less down to good organisation and more down to being responsible, and the fact that my husband hates getting his wallet out. For as long as I can remember, we’ve been saving towards some sort of big goal – whether that’s buying a house, getting married…


Add some zest to your life with lemons!

Let’s start with a simple loose lemon which is 30p from the supermarket – possibly even cheaper from your local fruit and veg stall down the market. Do you know how awesome lemons are? Not only do they offer so much more than being added to a Gin & Tonic (that’s pretty good in itself!),…

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes: slice the price

I mentioned recently that the cost of a good old wedding in the UK averaged out at just over £20k back in 2016 which, when you think about it, is an absolutely crazy price to pay for what is, at most, a weekend of celebrations. Back when we were shopping around for cakes, I contacted…


Top tips for successful crowdfunding

When it comes to starting an exciting new creative project, funding isn’t always the easiest thing to come by. You could go down the government grant route but, unless you’re lucky, this often involves multiple micro-grants which might not always give you enough money to fulfil your goals. You could also take out loans, but…

Artist Present

Practical presents for your artsy and illustrator friends

These handy little artists’ gadgets and companions will be invaluable to any creative friend, making make savvy presents for arty friends all year round. Why not beat the January blues with a bit of crafty shopping? Brush Pen If you don’t want to order a gift online, you can actually find these handy little things…

Theatre Company

Seven things to consider before starting up a company

Do you need to start a company to achieve what you want? Or will a one-off project suffice? A fellow theatre maker and I were given opposite advice by two established theatre companies. I was advised to start a company as you get longevity for future shows and projects, you’ll have a better chance of…

Independent Shopping

Shop small this Christmas

It’s heading into that time of year again – I have my Christmas sweater at the ready! If you’re yet to do your Christmas shopping, perhaps you should try getting your friends and family something a little bit different this year; try shopping with small businesses. Don’t get me wrong, if you know exactly what to get…


Comforting winter soups: using up your store cupboard essentials

Making your own warming soup is a great way of using up basic store cupboard ingredients and/or leftovers. It’s a simple way of packing in some extra nutrition, too. All you need is a big saucepan and a blender or food mixer, and you’re ready to go. My recipes feed three/four hungry people and are…



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