Sunday 23rd February 2020

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Eating cheap from your local market

My local market is located in West London on the Portobello Road, which starts at Notting Hill Gate and ends just after the Golborne Road, where vendors run small stalls in an area packed with tourists and students. It is open from Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, when the market is especially busy. The…


Getting fit for less

We may be in the middle of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the new year to start those resolutions! Looking to get fit? Start now. In order to keep it up you need to find something you want to do – do you want to work out on your own, with…

Married Tax Break

Do married people get tax breaks?

‘Two can live as cheaply as one,’ or so I’ve heard it said, time and time again over the years. The truth, however, is a little bit more nuanced. When I first moved in with my boyfriend of five-and-a-bit years, we found that there were a few more complications to this assumption than we had…


Different ways to break up your day

A lot of employees don’t take a break during the day, other than at lunch. Some don’t even take that! Happy workers produce better work – that’s obvious, right? If you’re heart isn’t in it, you’re annoyed by the office walls, or your boss is doing your head in, you’re probably not too bothered about…


Get fit: get paid

You know the cliché: new year, new you. Early January sees the gyms filling up, the streets full of pavement pounders, and empty fruit and veg aisles, as we look to shed some of the excesses of the holiday season. But, with nearly a third of us abandoning our New Year’s resolution by the second…


Should we still be paying for the contraceptive pill?

The contraceptive pill arrived in the UK in 1957. It was initially introduced to ease ‘female disorders’, and was made accessible to all women in 1960. The pill has so far done wonders for women; allowing them choice, liberation, and control. Today, 55.5% of women use the contraceptive pill, not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to…

Tampon Tax

The autumn statement: what it means for our tampon tax

A couple of weeks go, our dear chancellor, Phillip Hammond, produced his autumn statement – AKA ‘the budget’. Yep, instead of doing the budget in the spring, you know, round the time the financial year starts, the government is now going to review the country’s spending in the autumn. Apparently, this will give us more time to…

Cat Flea Treatment

Pet flea treatments: the hidden cost of cheap products

It’s no secret that Britain is a nation of pet lovers; we adore our furry friends, and want the best for them. We buy them treats, making sure they are fed and watered, and take them to the vet for their annual check-ups. Another ‘must’ that most pet-owners abide by is making sure those horrible…

Elusive Time

When time is elusive

Time is money, as the saying goes. But what happens when technology makes time elusive? I’m teaching a beginners acting course for the brilliant City Academy at the moment. My students are adults from various parts of the globe, and their careers range from singer/songwriters to investment bankers, and everything in between. Last night, I…



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