Wednesday 26th February 2020

Tag: legal

Tax Return

New year: new tax return resolutions!

I have a confession to make. On New Year’s eve I had intended to go out, drink a bit, drag my fiancé out to see the New Year in with an old friend, and everything else that you might expect to do to bring 2016’s season of festivities to a close. Instead, what did I do?…

Car Crash

How to financially survive a car crash

I was recently in a car accident. I was literally hit by a truck. I say recently, it was in the summer of 2015, but it feels recent because I’ve only just been found as the non-fault party. I don’t want to go into too much detail (because I’m classy like that) but the basic…

Renting nightmares university

The true expense of student housing

We’ve all been there – damp, mould, broken windows, idiotic landlords, no hot water, broken fridge, sporadic fire alarms, broken shower, broken loo, no money, and lots and lots of tears. Student homes can be a drain. Not just on your patience levels but also on your bank balance. I’m not just referring to the…



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