Sunday 20th October 2019

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance: my search for the ideal holiday cover

It is entirely out of character for me to recommend spending more on something, rather than less. I’ve been shopping around for travel cover for my family recently and, after diligently trawling the internet, I’ve come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. There’s a tonne of small print. One policy starts…

Chugger Work

The uphill struggle of finding your first job: a chugger for a day

The endless search for a first job, following the safety net of the educational system, is daunting for anyone. To make life that little bit more challenging, there are also misleading job advertisements swarming the internet. If you’ve spent hours looking for a job, as I have, you will eventually fall victim to their empty promises.…

Fire Hydrant

Here’s how a safe and healthy home can save you money

There are three main rules of parenting, some are easier to achieve than others. The first is to feed them, which I try to do with at least lip service to nutrition and with something vaguely resembling regularity. The second rule is to make sure they get enough sleep. Sleep evaded us for the first…

Joint Property Ownership

Will you take the leap? The pros and cons of joint property ownership

Figures from My Home Move show that the number of homes being bought by single purchasers has fallen by an average of 4% over the past five years, that’s equivalent to a fall of around 10,000 transactions per year. With house prices rising well above the wage inflation (according to Jeremy Duncombe of the Legal…


Speculate to accumulate: is it really that simple?

Two recent conversations: My friend who came to stay: ‘Are you still running?’ Me: ‘Haven’t been in four weeks.’ ‘Why?’ ‘My trainers are broken so I’m waiting to get paid, and then I’ll have to wait for Runners Need to have a sale so they aren’t more than £40. Then I can go for a run.’…


How well do you know PayPal?

This month I got my PayPal account limited. What this means is that I could not deposit money from my PayPal account into my bank account. Why? You may ask. Because, when I opened my account, almost eight years ago, I was 16. I could not honestly remember opening my account, let alone lying about…



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