Friday 3rd April 2020

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Parents! This is stuff you absolutely do not need to buy for your newborn baby

I waddled through the ‘baby care’ aisles of a department store before my son was born, clutching the store’s ‘essentials checklist’. I’d convinced myself I’d be unable to survive even the first night of parenthood without the things on their list. My tired and ungainly self hadn’t realised just how much all this equipment, from…


Cheap date? How to woo well without spending all of your money

Thankfully we are entering, if not a golden era, then certainly an aluminium or tin era of gender equality. I am particularly thankful of this shift for two reasons. Firstly it is generally a good thing that we have begun to recognise a societal gender bias, even if we are still tragically under motivated to…


Cash cow: how I got a new garden for free thanks to Mother Nature

Living in York means that you aren’t ever very far from the glorious Yorkshire countryside, a fact we were reminded of very recently. My partner David lives on the edge of farming land and can enjoy city and country equally. This all seems idyllic until the country invades the city. We had been out all…


Can’t stop shopping? Here are 10 ways to curb the urge!

In my previous posts I’ve written about my inability to stop shopping. While I am making a conscious effort to cut back (promise), I have by no means cracked it because shopping is just so FUN. Online shopping is particularly addictive, perhaps because it doesn’t feel like ‘real’ money; using your saved card details is much…

Children saving money

How not to pass on your financial ineptitude to your children

My nine-year old son (G) earns pocket money by doing chores around the house, like many of his friends. He is pretty nifty with a mop or dustpan, so he racks up the pennies and keeps count in his big green notebook. It’s a tough balance to strike between teaching children about the deeply uncool…


Gym? No point. Ditch it and do this instead.

Being a gym rat can sometimes leave you poorer than a church mouse (albeit a very buff one). Imagine that: a ripped church mouse doing chin ups on the organ stool and benching prayer cushions. Anyway, I digress. For a lot of people reading this, university was a time of heavy drinking and careless eating.…


How to get free sh*t without really trying!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or is there? There is an absolute tonne of free stuff out there for you to get your hands on if you know where to look. And since the rise of smart phones and social media, getting your hands on freebies is even easier. Once you’re…


How to choose the perfect LBD

So, first things first – although this post is about little black dresses, or the LDB, they need not be black – they can be any other neutral colour you prefer. I would just recommend staying away from the bright ones as this is meant to be a wardrobe staple for years and it’s really…


Sick of sandwiches? Five alternative lunch ideas that won’t break the bank

Nothing is more quintessentially British than a sandwich. Even so, nothing puts you off taking a packed lunch to work each day than the same, boring, soggy sandwich. However, when I look at my monthly budget the idea of assigning £200 to ‘lunches’ blows my mind. Taking in your lunch rather than picking up that toastie…



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