Thursday 27th February 2020

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Chuggers: are they really necessary?

A couple of months ago, I was on my way back from a business advisory meeting with Business Gateway (for anyone starting a business in Scotland, they’re a great first resource), and I made the mistake of stopping to talk to a street fundraiser. Actually, it wasn’t him that I’d stopped to talk to, I…

Charity Shop

Charity shop? Why not!

I have long been a lover of charity shops – in a culture of fast fashion, it is the most ethical way to shop. I even volunteered in my local Age UK charity shop in my teens for my Duke of Edinburgh Award. Sometimes I go on day trips to places which have good charity shops…

2017 New Year

Welcoming in 2017: we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

2016: Brexit. Trump. Syria. Yemen. Attacks. Cuts. The rise of fascism. All the lost icons.  Southern Rail. 2017…??? I don’t think I have ever looked forward to a new year as much as i look forward to 2017. Whilst, personally, I had a lot of highs (I got to go to six weddings!), 2016 has…

Charity Christmas

It’s a #GiveOrGift kind of Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, right? A lot of work places celebrate the festivities with a classic game of Secret Santa. Such a game often results in the receiving of gifts that will probably either be re-gifted or, if they’re that rubbish, might just be binned, mentioning no names. Times this by the amount…


How can we volunteer without it costing the earth?

For years and years I put off volunteering with various excuses: ‘I did six charity gigs last year as a singer.’ ‘I work for free enough in the arts industry already!’ ‘I can’t commit to a weekly thing.’ ‘I don’t have time!’ But when it’s the biggest refugee crisis since WWII and there are 10,000…

Chugger Work

The uphill struggle of finding your first job: a chugger for a day

The endless search for a first job, following the safety net of the educational system, is daunting for anyone. To make life that little bit more challenging, there are also misleading job advertisements swarming the internet. If you’ve spent hours looking for a job, as I have, you will eventually fall victim to their empty promises.…

Clutter Clearout

Clear out for cash: making a little money out of a bad situation

We, as people, and especially millennials, often have to get used to the fact that the place we call ‘home’ usually isn’t a permanent one, and that moving from time to time – unpleasant though it may be – is inevitable. But what to do if you have too much stuff? Parting with cherished items…


Seven fantastic fundraising ideas

As part of my job, I co-ordinate the charity events in my office. The aim is to collect a small amount of money each month for a cause (chosen by one of my colleagues) in order to make a difference with as many charities as possible. It engages my colleagues, and helps us to give…



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