Sunday 29th March 2020

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Five money lessons that should be taught in schools

Remember PSE/PSHE or General Studies lessons from high school? I remember that you only had to continue General Studies into A-level if you got anything above a D at AS Level. Everyone aimed for that dreamy D grade (I was lucky enough to get the grade and drop the subject!) as it was pretty much…


How not to blow your Student Loan in the first week at uni

Fresher’s Week is an exciting time… and an expensive one. You’ll be making new friends, having new experiences, and of course spending money. Before you do anything, read this article! It’s worryingly easy to break the bank in the first week. If you’re not careful, you’ll be skint before student life even gets going. We’ve…


The ultimate guide to finding freebies

What can possibly be better than getting something for nothing? Turns out, not much! We all want stuff for free and the good news is that it’s out there – free stuff does exist! So how do you find it? In this handy guide we’ll help you to get as much free stuff as you…


Home schooling your children doesn’t have to be expensive

I’ll admit that home schooling has cross my mind over the years, although this was usually a passing fantasy when the early morning alarm signalled another chaotic school run. Our son, age 11, has attended school continuously since he was four. However, an imminent house move means that he’d have to start at a new…


The library: a money-saving miracle of Christmas

December has barely begun and already I could fill an article with ideas on how to haemorrhage money whilst attempting to have a ‘holly, jolly Christmas’. From polystyrene cups of mulled wine at £4 to fairground rides for a fiver, you name it – I’ve been fleeced. But kids need entertaining over the festive period…


What to take to uni: the cheat sheet!

You probably got your packing at least a bit wrong in September…but there’s a second chance as you head back to campus after the coming Christmas break. Here’s how to stock-up on essentials but save on time, money and stress. First, what NOT to pack Unless you have a Heavy Goods Vehicle and a team of…


How to make sure you don’t overpay on your Student Loan

Finally, the day comes when you can stop those bloody Student Loan repayments – because you’ve paid the debt – and get a full monthly salary! But those monthly sums, that normally come off your pay at work, don’t stop automatically. So how do you make this happen? Does the Student Loan Company know you’ve…

TEFL Teaching

Making the most of my TEFL qualification

In February, I finally completed my TEFL qualification. I only just managed to finish it in time – before getting married and flying off to Japan to spend a couple of weeks on honeymoon with my husband. In all honesty, I was scared that I’d messed it up, but I ended up getting a distinction…


How EMA helped me

I recently attended a huge gathering in the city centre of York, to greet Jeremy Corbyn and listen to him talk for about half an hour about his plans for a Labour government in Britain. When I say huge, I mean huge – over two thousand people crammed into St. Helen’s Square and spilled out…

Music Education

My musical education: Was it worth it?

As much as it hurts to say it, we continue to live in a time where arts education is overlooked. Seen as an ‘extra’ bit of education. As disposable. A bit of fun. Despite everything else that’s going on in the world right now, cutting arts education remains a hot topic. Growing up both in…



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