Friday 3rd April 2020

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Kids Holidays

Eight inexpensive ways to keep your kids busy this summer

High incidences of childhood obesity and the ongoing quest to unplug our children from whichever gaming or communication device they favour this week combine to make us worry even more. We should be encouraging children to get outdoors or to try something new but with some classes costing up to £150 per term, can we…

Coverack Harbour Cornwall

Fabulously budget travel tips: Cornwall

I go to Cornwall every year for a family holiday. We’ve got a lot of family down there so it’s become something of a pilgrimage. It’s also, despite the six hour drive to get there, one of the easiest holidays you could ever take. This year’s trip had the added bonus that I didn’t have…


How’s my financial planning going? So so, I’d say!

Hey, long time no see! Yes it’s been a while since my last blog post which was a no-holds-barred confession over how rubbish I am with my money. It’s quite an embarrassing thing to admit that being an ex-finance journalist who is now working in financial services, although I (sadly) know pretty much all about…


Running tips for absolute beginners

Obviously I am the odd one out among the Mouthy bloggers who all seem to be part of a running club, or training for a marathon, or at least running to work every day. I occasionally run for the train. And sometimes when I’m at the gym, I also do 10 minutes on a treadmill.…


Gym? No point. Ditch it and do this instead.

Being a gym rat can sometimes leave you poorer than a church mouse (albeit a very buff one). Imagine that: a ripped church mouse doing chin ups on the organ stool and benching prayer cushions. Anyway, I digress. For a lot of people reading this, university was a time of heavy drinking and careless eating.…


How much does it cost to run a marathon?

It’s long been said that running is one of the cheapest ways of keeping fit, after all, all you have to do is stick your trainers on and leave the house. But what if you decide to take your jogging to the next level and run a race, how much will that set you back?…

Hove Promenade Parkrun

The perfect pace (and price) of Parkrun

People run for all sorts of reasons. Many love the stupefying Zen brought on by the metronomic thud of feet and heart. Others crave the solitude to think through their lives – to solve crises, dream up baby names, invent slogans, make plans and clear writer’s block. Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, runs…


Spending cash on a gym? This is why I think you’re a mug

I refuse to spend money on keeping fit. Why? It’s a very simple procedure – do more, eat less. Why should I pay for it? You watch a Rocky montage, there’s never a clip of Rocky setting up a direct debit. And I hate gyms. When I’m in the gym, I can hear my great great grandfather laughing at…



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